How to Achieve Efficient Rosters in Disability Services

Lisa Spiden

We recently interviewed our client, Hartley Lifecare, an NDIS funded SIL provider located in Canberra, on how they achieved efficient, optimised rosters with our Roster Right solution and expert roster team. We were astounded with the results and wanted to ensure we made this information available to other Disability/SIL providers that might be going through the same challenges. You can listen to the interviews here.

We shared some of Hartley’s ROI benefits in our recent blog here, which included payroll savings of 8% achieved within the first 12 months of implementation. Today, we’ll offer more guidance on what to look for when implementing Roster Optimisation.

Know what’s possible

Often we find it’s a case of simply not knowing what’s possible when it comes to making your rosters more efficient and optimal. Many organisations don’t know just how optimal it can get.

When working with a team of expert roster specialists, you can expect to include ALL of your business requirements and rules into your roster optimisation project up front.

For instance, the right Roster Optimisation provider will help you to determine: 

-      The awards that need to be taken into consideration to ensure compliance with relevant Fair Work Australia legislation, i.e. the recent SCHADS Modern Award.

-      The top priorities for your clients/customers when it comes to their experience with your organisation. Placing careful attention on what needs to be factored in up front before any changes are made to your rostering process.

-      The staff requirements that are most important.

-      The financial/funding goals that are most important.

-      The roster optimisation training and communication plan, and who across the organisation should be included in this.

What we heard from Hartley Lifecare, and so many of our clients, is that they felt supported by Workforce Analytics at every step of the way and that their specific and nuanced business requirements were taken into consideration from the get-go to ensure the best possible roster was provided. Listen to Corey and Susan’s interviews for more insight into their experience with working with our specialised team.

True Roster Optimisation works this way, we were able to save 8% in wage costs for Hartley Lifecare by building mathematically optimised rosters from scratch. Taking into consideration every single business rule and requirement they had and creating a roster that provided the best possible outcome from there.

By doing so, Roster Optimisation becomes a highly strategic task that you simply can’t pass up. As Corey Ryan,Finance Manager at Workforce Analytics said, “If you can get an investment of this level to pay itself back within 12 months - it’s a no brainer.”

So, where to start with gaining the same benefits that Hartley has achieved?

Reach out to our expert team to arrange a proof of concept today. We can assess your current rostering situation and show you the opportunities available to you.

Workforce Analytics has designed world-leading technologies and methodologies to help businesses unlock a superior level of performance. Using data science, sophisticated mathematics, optimisation, AI and machine learning,Workforce Analytics can construct workforce management solutions that cover payroll compliance, rostering, sales optimisation and demand predictions.

Roster Right, our Roster Optimisation solution, uses advancedMathematical Optimisation to construct the best roster possible for your business, increasing productivity and profitability.

For more information on Roster Optimisation read our recent blog here

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“We were looking down a dark hole and insolvency was in discussion. We needed to start swimming somehow. 90%of our costs were wages so it made sense to look at how we could make our rosters more efficient. That's where Workforce Analytics came to the party with Roster Right, and they delivered..” - Corey Ryan, Finance Manager at Hartley Lifecare