Why Roster Optimisation is Essential for The Disability Services Sector

Lisa Spiden

Many Disability Services organisations struggle with managing their staff rosters and payroll costs due to NDIS funding changes and the complexity of the SCHADS Modern Award. 

Most organisations of this nature know that their rosters, when optimised correctly, could quite literally save their business, but they don’t know how to achieve optimality.

Many organisations do their very best to get their rosters as efficient as possible (through manual efforts) to ensure their rosters are accurate for their staff, clients and bottom line – however we’ve found that it’s an impossible task without using the smarts of mathematical roster optimisation. 

So how can your rosters work for you? How can they help you to save critical dollars in your business?

Let’s first define the different methods of rostering available, because not all roster optimisation methods are the same.

Here are three ways businesses tackle Roster Optimisation:

1 - Manual methods - essentially using the skillset of your staff to create and improve rosters

2 - AI and/or Machine Learning software methods - technology that forecasts the upcoming customer demand based on historical rosters, and creates the most accurate roster based on your library of past rosters

3 - Mathematical Roster Optimisation methods - technology and mathematical expertise that factors in your unique business requirements and rules, defining the best possible roster out of all possibilities that exist

Benefits can be gained with each one of these options, however what we have found in working with the Disability Services sector (and other sectors, like Retail) is the deep knowledge and experience of roster mathematicians and industrial legislative experts who offer true Roster Optimisation, can turn rostering from an ambiguous task into a truly strategic one that can improve your profitability and confidence in your business.

Finding the best possible roster that exists is quite a complex process, and therefore an almost impossible task for even the best rostering staff on your team.

At Workforce Analytics, we save businesses between 5-10% in wage costs by building mathematically optimised rosters from scratch. We take into consideration every single business rule and requirement you have, including those unique to your retail business, and we create a roster that provides you with the best possible outcome that exists using mathematics and technology.

We can also support businesses to optimise NDIS funding to ensure it is spent in the most efficient manner.

Hartley Lifecare Reduced Payroll Costs by 8%

We recently interviewed one of our customers, Hartley Lifecare, to get their insight into the business benefits and ROI achieved from implementing our Roster Right solution along with our specialised team supporting them.

Here are some of the benefits gained that Hartley Lifecare are proud to share with other peers:

-      Hartley achieved an almost immediate 5% reduction in payroll costs (which is now sitting at 8% reduction since we last spoke with them), all within the first 12 months of implementingRoster Right

-      Hartley received optimal rosters that ensured compliance with relevant Fair Work Australia legislation, including the recent SCHADS Modern Award

-      Hartley received optimal rosters without any staff redundancies at all

-      Hartley can now make productive and strategic decisions regarding future planning and budgetary needs with all of the insight available at their fingertips

-      Hartley received the best possible rosters with their clients’ needs as absolute priority

-      Hartley’s Roster Right implementation had a significant impact on the overall viability of the organisation

Here’s some direct quotes from the team at Hartley Lifecare:

Corey Ryan, Finance Manager at Hartley Lifecare shared, “If you can get an investment of this level to pay itself back within 12 months - it’s a no brainer.”

Eric Thauvette, CEO at Hartley Lifecare shared “I would recommend Roster Right to any other organisation that would want to optimise their rosters. In fact, I’ve already shared the great results with colleagues in my industry.”

Susan Granger, Senior Manager HR & Operations shared, “During our internal feedback session, we noticed that our managers had the utmost respect and appreciation for the Workforce Analytics team, which was really great. Our consistent messaging internally and the fact we were working with roster experts, helped to reassure our staff that this is the only way we can climb out of this hole. We’re so grateful that we found Workforce Analytics.”

To learn more about how Roster Optimisation could help your organisation, listen to the full interviews from Hartley Lifecare here.

Workforce Analytics has designed world-leading technologies and methodologies to help businesses unlock a superior level of performance. Using data science, sophisticated mathematics, optimisation, AI and machine learning,Workforce Analytics can construct workforce management solutions that cover payroll compliance, rostering, sales optimisation and demand predictions.

Roster Right, our Roster Optimisation solution, uses advancedMathematical Optimisation to construct the best roster possible for yourbusiness, increasing productivity and profitability.

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