Be certain…

Workforce Analytics partners with clients to solve complex workforce problems using sophisticated mathematics, data science and software solutions.

Historically, workforces have been designed adopting old methods — using a combination of historical data, expert insights and a good old-fashioned gut feeling. And until now, it’s been the only option available. 

Workforce Analytics has designed world-leading technologies and methodologies to help businesses unlock a superior level of performance. We use factual insights to improve the way you engage your workforce, swapping rough guesses with sophisticated maths, data science, optimisation, AI and machine learning allowing you to be certain about a broad range of questions relating to how to construct and manage your workforce in the most optimal fashion. 

Be certain that your workforce and rosters are designed on accurate daily forecasts to avoid wasted costs associated with over coverage or poor customer service by not having enough people on to meet your clients’ demands.

Be certain that your workforce and rosters are designed to reach the maximum sales and service potential possible all at the lowest legal cost.

Be certain that you have paid your employees 100% correctly as per the award or enterprise agreement.

Workforce Analytics have four unique and world leading products that allow you to do all of this. They can be used as individual components or as a complete holistic overview to your workforce management processes. The products include:

Think of Workforce Analytics as your one-stop-shop for workforce clarity, compliance and efficiency. Our job is to get on top of your workforce requirements, so you can get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.