We work across a variety of industries, including Supported Independent Living (SILs), Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing and more. Every workplace and workforce is different — as is every workforce management solution we provide. You can apply the custom rules that suit your business needs.

Our best-in-class solutions are made possible by the world's fastest optimisation solver, Gurobi Optimisation.
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Supported Independent Living (SILs)

We work with a range of SIL providers of various sizes to mathematically optimise rosters in line with the SCHADS award and Enterprise Agreements, incorporating the base Roster of Care requirements to ensure participant care and routine is maintained.

We've helped many NDIS SIL providers to realise a significant payroll savings of 5-10% and a return on investment within the first 12 months of investing in Roster Optimisation.

Roster RightConsulting

Fast food

We helped a well known fast food company reduce wages, achieve 100% compliant rosters while improving customer service and increasing sales per man hour.

We did it by developing optimised rosters, using the labour management tool, sales forecasting and improved training.

Roster RightDemand Precision


To see the impact of proposed EBA clause variations before reaching agreement in negotiations with staff and unions, one utility business had us model future outcomes. They also improved their Service Level Agreement (better client response times).

Happy staff and unions were the result as some of their demands could be met knowing that there would be increased SLAs along with a reduction in wages.



The xmas peak period for a retailer with close to 100 stores was made more manageable by accurately forecasting where additional hours would be required to service the customers and then rostering to effectively utilise the existing staff so as to reduce the requirement on hiring new Christmas casuals.

Rosters were 100% compliant and there was a reduction in wages.

Customer service improved by having the right people available at the right time and the need for xmas casual recruitment was reduced.

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Rostering for a specialist manufacturing company meant meeting the requirements of an Enterprise Agreement, fatigue management guidelines, Union requirements and preferred work patterns of staff which they were unable to develop themselves.

The manufacturer was unable to develop a roster to meet all their requirements.

We developed several roster options that not only met their requirements but offered wage saving opportunities and increased productivity.