Workforce Analytics: your one-stop shop for workforce clarity, compliance and efficiency
Demand Precision
Demand Precision
Data science and AI improves your daily forecasting using any elements that influence your workforce needs
Roster Right
Roster Right
Develop the single best, cheapest, legally compliant roster that meets your business requirements
Pay Review
Pay Review
Accurately check wages and compliance against Awards or Agreements
Interrogate your business drivers, model bespoke scenarios, quantify opportunities that influence your workforce

Why choose Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics is a suite of products designed to use factual insights from your business to improve the way you engage your workforce.

Built on cutting edge mathematical optimisation, AI, machine learning and business acumen, Workforce Analytics helps companies achieve significant improvements in profitability and productivity. We help you get ahead and stay ahead.

Leading the way

See how our work could work for you through a selection of case studies.
Supported Independent Living (SILs)
We work with SIL providers of all sizes to mathematically optimise rosters in line with the SCHADS award and/or an Enterprise Agreement, incorporating Roster of Care to ensure participant care and routine is maintained.
Fast food
We helped a well known fast food company reduce wages, achieve 100% compliant rosters while improving customer service and increasing sales per man hour.
To see the impact of proposed EBA clause variations before reaching agreement in negotiations with staff and unions, one utility business had us model future outcomes. They also improved their Service Level Agreement (better client response times).
The xmas peak period for a retailer with close to 100 stores was made more manageable by accurately forecasting where additional hours would be required to service the customers and then rostering to effectively utilise the existing staff so as to reduce the requirement on hiring new Christmas casuals.
Rostering for a specialist manufacturing company meant meeting the requirements of an Enterprise Agreement, fatigue management guidelines, Union requirements and preferred work patterns of staff which they were unable to develop themselves.

Customer experiences

Thank you all very much for a fantastic roster optimisation with us. Everyone on the team has commented on how much of a joy it was working with you all. You showed a genuine commitment to 'doing whatever it takes' to get the job at all stages of the project and that has resulted in some great results.
We will be 'Roster Right' advocates for years to come and look forward to seeing the business grow. Thank you!
Thinking our business was pretty good at rostering, I was a little unsure going into the first project working with the Roster Right team - unsure of exactly what savings and efficiencies could be achieved. My goodness - I was not prepared for the results! Small changes produced such significant savings. At the heart of achieving those results was the absolute commitment to learning about our business, why we do things the way we do, what is important to us and our people.
We achieved roster changes that were accepted by our employees, delivered outcomes that were better than what they had originally, and the business saved money. Was an absolute game changer for me and I'll never spend another minute trying to develop a roster now that I have seen the huge success I can achieve with Roster Right.
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